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Reconnect. Restore. Reclaim.

About Lotus Cove Wellness

Lotus Cove is a boutique wellness center that offers a collaborative and integrative approach to your overall health, with a specialization in women's wellness. We provide a safe space and the tools to support your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.  Your overall health and wellness is our priority. 

Sandy Beach
Community Hands


Lotus Cove Wellness is dedicated to providing integrative and holistic services using a collaborative approach to health and wellness.


Lotus Cove Wellness offers a safe and comfortable space where you can focus on your healing without feeling judgment or shame.


Lotus Cove Wellness is an open space for every person in our community regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or age.

"When women take care of their health, they become their own best friend."

Maya Angelou

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